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We tend to doubt or turn our faces away from God’s plans and wisdom for our lives because, somewhere in the back of our minds, we think we know better than Him. We have this outline about how our lives should go, how things have to be done. We are not satisfied with the security He offers (because we don’t really see it as it is, distracted we are by what we think we need to be secure) and therefore make decisions to carry out plans we believe will secure ourselves.

But we do not realize that we have to trust Him. With our whole lives. Not just for today, but also for every day, hour, minute, and second after this. Because He is faithful. Because it is true that ‘God’s got us.’ We don’t need to know what the next step will be after we take that step He invites us to take. Just know that it will be what is best, not merely because it is what it is, but because God says it is.

Pam Carbungco, Plans

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God means everything that He says.

He really is who He tells you He is. Because He tells you that He is your Father, you can come and talk to Him as a child to his/her Father. He says He is your Provider; believe that. He says He is your comforter; you can look to Him in your lowest points. 

He can do what He says to you He can. He says He’ll see you through the valley; trust that He will. He says He will never abandon nor forsake you; He won’t. Count on Him always being there. He says He will finish the good work that He started in you; He’s doing that.

God is God, beloved. He is not like any human being. He definitely knows what He says and means what He means. His words have power, and He uses them to draw us to Him. His words are beautiful, and we bask in them. They are not meant to be memorized or printed in pretty typeface to be hung on our walls. They are meant to be a part of us, as we go in this life. They are meant to assure us, to empower us, to affirm us as His children, whom He has never forgotten. 

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In All Things

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

“I am able to do all things through Christ who is my strength.”

“I can do all things because I am with Christ, who strengthens me.”

These are the things I repeat to myself this week simply because they are real. I tell myself these simply because they are what I have to remember when it’s tempting to get overwhelmed by a huge load of schoolwork; when it’s tempting to focus on my weaknesses; when it’s tempting to get discouraged by the ‘lack of time,’ ‘lack of understanding,’ or ‘lack of time management.’

These are the things I tell myself right now because always, I have to remind myself that even when I get tired, I will not be conquered. Even when I get impatient and disheartened, I will get through this. Even when I become scared, I cannot not keep going. And I can declare these. I can expect these because— as clichéd and too familiar this might sound—Jesus makes sure to see me through. He is a faithful Shepherd. I can rest in Him for He takes care of me.

Today, He is working through me, for me, and in me. I can face and do all things because of Him. I hope that as we face one challenge to another, this truth will never get old. The works of our hands and the words from our heart will reflect His glory and sheer goodness, because He Himself made them possible in us.

Many and different things will happen, but we always have peace and blessed assurance in our hearts because nothing— even the unexpected, the unimaginable, or the unwelcome— can ever snatch us away from our Father’s blazing and passionate love.

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I see you struggling to catch up to and to impress with others. The need to is overwhelming, I know. I feel it too, but there is nothing else to prove anymore, beloved. You and I— we are expected to rest in Christ’s finished work: that life He lived, the obedience He had, the sacrifice He made, and so much more. He did it all and now we are complete. Rest, breathe, focus on Him. He will live that completeness and wholeness out of each of us.

Pam Carbungco, To You

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1. It is Christ who enables us to do what is right in all situations.
2. If we resolve to wholly trusting Him, that is enough.
3. Everyday, let’s remind ourselves that Jesus is our righteousness again and again.
4. God makes all things work together for our good. It’s going to be okay.
5. People will fail; God never does.

Pam Carbungco, Today

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But this is not the last time. We will see her again. She was weird; she anticipated the end of the world because that meant seeing her Savior face to face. When she realized how life on earth is a mission and a story, she started looking at death only as a door to eternity. Not something to be afraid of, but a mere transition to the greater and more beautiful things. And maybe, when we think of her, let’s not think of her as gone. She had simply gone on first into the adventure that will never end, where one page will never be as beautiful as the next page.

Pam Carbungco, Eulogy

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Maybe I should let go and forget all about the expectations that people set upon me. I am an eighteen-year-old girl who should cut herself some slack. I have to grow, I have to bloom, I have to recover, and I have to learn. I don’t always get it at first try, and I am not perfect. I am not that.

I get often get stuck with writer’s block while trying to complete papers that are due tomorrow. I often have to bite back my tongue just so I don’t hurt the other person; that does not change the hurt that is there, though. I often cry at night, tempted to give up on myself.

No. I am not perfect. I need to grow and I need to live life. I need to experience being human, because that’s how I know that I need Jesus Christ with me. That’s how I know why I can’t go on without Him. I can be all the human being that I want, but without His grace, I will not know what I should do with my stumbles and falls, my successes and joys. If He does not lead me, I will go in circles in life, following my whims or the ways of this world.

Yes, all of us are human. I am human and it’s beautiful. It is beautiful because His grace is the right light through which I see myself. My life.

Pam Carbungco, Musings

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I find You during the sleepless nights, when the seconds seem to slip as quickly as deadlines come upon me. You are hope and strength and comfort in my solitude and You tell me that with You, I can do all things.
I find You when other people’s words sting much worse than they should, my heart, resolve or security cracking just a little. You hold me up, hold me together; I am reminded that who I am is everything I’ve been given in You.
I find You whenever I meet dead ends, the enormity of mountains and walls keeping me frozen in fear. You lift me up, make me soar, and see me through. The stars tremble in awe of Your majesty, and oh, how these mountains tremble because of You.
You find me in my highs and lows. You hold me through it all. I see and experience You not because I’ve earned it, but because You chose to be near. In the darkest or the brightest, I find You because You’ve always been there. With me.

Pam Carbungco, Found

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My journal is filled with questions. I am learning that I can not only admit that I have questions about life and about myself, but I can also come to God and give them to Him, because He also holds the answers.

Pam Carbungco

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