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I see you struggling to catch up to and to impress with others. The need to is overwhelming, I know. I feel it too, but there is nothing else to prove anymore, beloved. You and I— we are expected to rest in Christ’s finished work: that life He lived, the obedience He had, the sacrifice He made, and so much more. He did it all and now we are complete. Rest, breathe, focus on Him. He will live that completeness and wholeness out of each of us.

Pam Carbungco, To You

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Remember that God will never promise anything that He is not able to do. He would not have started His good work in you if He will not finish it. Your God is good and faithful. He is the very definition of consistency. You may be believing in things that you cannot see, but because this faith is anchored in Him, it will surely bear fruit, beloved.

Pam Carbungco, Because it is in Him

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I am a tree
flourishing in
the wide open spaces of His grace.

The strong winds will come
and the seasons will change
but my Gardener knows
that because of His strength
I will go on.

I am His tree
and He put me in here
that I may grow.
Deeper and deeper
my roots will go,
and up, up, up,
out my branches reach.

Leaves kissed by the sun,
even dancing in the wind,
making music of praises,
celebrating my life and existence.

My hope remains
that the sight of me
here in these fields
would only reveal
how my Father’s grace,
goodness and faithfulness,
makes everything possible.

He nursed a sapling like me
into a flourishing tree,
a testimony of second chances,
a vessel of His strength,
a life story
of amazing grace.

Pam Carbungco, I am a tree

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Your life is beautiful, and to live it, you only need to do this: trust Jesus and His love for you. Live simply by living loved. Don’t let your fear of the future, fear of paying bills, fear of not getting what you want, or any kind of fear distract you from God’s faithfulness. Don’t let these worries and impending challenges distort the wholeness and holiness and beauty of Jesus. He is who He is and your situation do not change that. He is still good, holy, merciful, gracious, generous and outrageously in love with you, beloved.

Pam Carbungco, Big Reminders

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But before I was taught how to strategize my life by praying the ‘right way,’ I accidentally got to know God in prayer. I found that God was like my own personal fountain of youth—Ponce de Leon was on the right track, he just looked in the wrong place. God showed Himself to be like a spring of water that I could visit anytime simply by taking a few steps away from the dry flatlands of the visible and temporary world, toward the peaks of the invisible and eternal. My best expression before prayer was, ‘I simply want to be with you!’ In other words, ‘I thirst.’

Prayer is more about jumping into the pool of the Spirit, and less about directing the water. If prayer is going to be satisfying, let alone inviting, it must provide revival and deliverance for the one making the jump. It must be more like a homecoming than a going to work.

Ralph Harris, Let’s Have a Drink

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Six-Word Story #28

Six-Word Story #28

Jesus put my heart at rest.

Six-Word Story #27

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Hey! What is your testimony? How did you meet God? And cool photos btw ;)



Awwww. Thanks! :>

Um, here. Let me tell you my story, a testimony of how God’s love can and will change one’s life.

I once longed for love. I longed for attention. Well, I was left by my biological father even before I was born (that was my theory) and my mom worked so hard so we can have something to eat, so she could send me to school. You could see the picture, right? I felt so alone.

I was raised by a family of Christians so I grew up “believing” that there is a God who takes care of all of us. But when I was in my sophomore year in high school, things changed. I knew back then that there is a God but I never knew that there really is a God who loves me so much, waiting to be noticed.

I started living. I merely existed before He came in. I wanted to really see, and He made me see. Nothing made sense to me in the past but when I started to look to Jesus, to look to God, it just made sense. I was at peace. The things that happened to me are interwoven to make me the person who I am today. I realized that I had been dwelling in the darkness, saturating myself with sadness, looking for answers, looking for someone who can and will actually love me and when I realized that that Someone is already in me, it’s just wow. Wow. I was at peace. I am at peace. It’s just so amazing, the whole process. And I am still learning. I know I can never comprehend His love for me and I know that I cannot thank Him enough for what He has done to me but I will never stop thanking Him. I will always be grateful to the only One who deserves all the praise and glory. How can He, who is Everything, love nothing and turn that nothing into something. Oh, LORD.

So there you go, dear. I hope I answered your question. Haha.  Honestly, I do not know how this all happened but when I looked back, I was just not the same person.  My Papa Daddy changed me and I am never going back to my old self. Yes, I may slip and I may fail, but I know that He is with me always to get me back on my feet again. Always.

So, there. Hahaha. Have a nice day! :>

This. So true.

Today’s illustration: Jesus is my anchor. 
(Sized into a Facebook cover photo)

Today’s illustration: Jesus is my anchor. 

(Sized into a Facebook cover photo)

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Jesus did not only come to be the Friend of sinners. He shed His blood on the Cross to purchase and ransom sinners [us] so He can make them [you and me] into friends of God.

Pam Carbungco

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