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God loves you! God loves you so much! He really does! You are not alone! He understands you and gave Himself to you in Jesus Christ.

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This Sunday was different from what I expected.

I was looking forward to a day spent doing projects and writing research papers for school, but what God gave me was so much greater. He gave me a bunch of people who made me feel again how awesome it is to have fellowship at church.

I’ll never trade a day talking about God’s grace and goodness for any high grade. I don’t regret anything about this day at all, even if I haven’t done anything academically productive. My Father is so good to bring me back in the midst of the people who encourage me to depend more and more to Jesus. Yeah, I’d never been comfortable about commitments, but I believe that it is my Savior’s strength that will carry me through all this, not myself. He is faithful. Always so amazingly faithful.

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