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God loves you! God loves you so much! He really does! You are not alone! He understands you and gave Himself to you in Jesus Christ.

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Sorry for being gone so long. I just had so many things to do for the past week.

But God is so good because even if I was not able to go home this weekend and attend our church’s seven-day Prayer and Devotion, He still supervised my spiritual feeding. Everyday is just full of revelation, regardless of whether or not the things that happened to me were good. I’m so thankful to Him for giving me the eyes to see His grace and hand over me in anything that I face.

Although I was gone, I had been praying for you. ^^ And I believe that God has been doing amazing things for you today, and for your future. Beloved, I am so excited because I am just so confident that each one of us, regardless of what we’re facing right now, is destined for many great and beautiful things! It’s not because we worked for it or deserved it, but because the Father wills it and Jesus has paid for everything at the Cross! :’)

Ah, thank You so much Father. ^^

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