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God loves you! God loves you so much! He really does! You are not alone! He understands you and gave Himself to you in Jesus Christ.

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To all those who will be taking the UPCAT:

Here’s the only thing I want you to remember, beloved: Don’t set your hearts and minds in the thought that you might be admitted or not in that University. Sure, do your best, and keep your presence of mind, but beloved, I don’t want you to make the mistake I did in the past, which is being too negative, subjecting myself in self-pity or refusing to look forward for all the beautiful things that God had in store for me.

BE CONFIDENT, no matter what. And most importantly, beloved, REJOICE and celebrate because you are a child of God and that He loves you. That’s what’s important. He is your wisdom, and He can do far more beautiful things than those you can imagine or you can desire in your life. Believe and count on Jesus. You’re young, there’s so much in store for you, you’re precious, you’re special, and you’re destined for great things! Don’t let ANYTHING or ANYONE tell you otherwise. Don’t let anyone look down on you, because God will be the One who’ll hold you up.

Just enjoy the UPCAT, favored one! Know that it does not dictate your future, God does. Your future is decided in Jesus.

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