I’m on a Christian-Songs-Downloading-Spree.


Please, any suggestions??

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    Planetshakers, Citipointe, Parachute Band ♥♥
  2. panaghiotis223 answered: Anything written by Kari Jobe, anything written by Sarah Reeves, anything written by Chris Tomlin! :)
  3. madoreenera answered: Forever Reign :)
  4. blogolda answered: He Calls My Name :)
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  6. sheismini-ella answered: Amen!
  7. sammdaysoon answered: stand by britt nicole
  8. you-are-the-power-in-me answered: Artists: KJ-52, Skillet, Reilent K, Sixteen Cities, and tenth ave are my favorites. oh and look up Blessings by Laura Story. I love it.
  9. 88december answered: trust his heart :>
  10. doodlesofjoy answered: Starfield! :)
  11. itsabeautifulnothing answered: any song by mandisa
  12. tjanee2012 answered: mali music has a new song.. i think lol… called job experience :)..
  13. walk-onwater said: I recommend an album called “The Story CD”, which is music written through the eyes of some biblical characters; it’s a great insight on GOD in both Old & New Testaments :) Also recommend a band called For King & Country!
  14. anabrolic answered: Give us clean hands, We could change the world, We are the free, Deep Cries out, Be lifted high, Fire fall down, Here for you
  15. heytherejojo answered: Casting Crowns :)
  16. inthebeloved answered: Healer -Kari Jobe
  17. heyitsleean answered: By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North :)
  18. angelannbb answered: group 1 crew’s and abandon’s songssongs are great, try it. =D
  19. thisismybeautiful said: & sonnie badu covenant keeping God
  20. thisismybeautiful answered: Sonnie Badu-Baba
  21. sydyork answered: Any songs by Britt Nicole or Jamie Grace! :)
  22. kntsrgn answered: The whole “Beautiful Things” album by Michael Gungor and another album from them, “Battle Cry”
  23. cms521 answered: like an avalanche
  24. ekaiban answered: clear the stage- jimmy needham
  25. bee31may said: These are some of my faves: Among the Thirsty song I’d need a saviour, Anthem Lights song Cant’ get over You, Britt Nicoles’s song All this time,Group One Crew song walking on the stars, Klaus songs Holy featuring kari jobe, David Crowder’s song how He loves and those are…
  26. bee31may answered: These are some of my faves:
  27. surviving-suicide answered: switchfoot, flyleaf, trachead family, demon hunter, for today, Benjamin dunn
  28. inneedofhim answered: future version-shane & shane
  29. fjustwin answered: Off the top of my head, Kierra Kiki Sheard’s album, “Free”. I especially love “free” and “indescribable”
  30. gpb-is-the-one-for-me answered: Love Has Found Us - Bellarive (: Also White Flag by Chris Tomlin!
  31. topye answered: Yahweh by Mali Music; Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong United; Not Making Sense, Making Faith by Donald Lawrence
  32. myheavywings answered: awake, o sleeper
  33. triggertinks answered: Your Love Is by Awaken
  34. cgoood answered: needtobreathe
  35. he-is-for-me answered: MercyMe-You are I Am, and For Kings and Country-The Proof of Your Love.
  36. lauriealthouse answered: Natalie Grant, Barstow Girls, Toby Mac, dc Talk, Casting Crowns, Audio Adrenalyn, Dakota Motor Co, Mary, Mary, The Newsboys, Mercy Me
  37. def-zeppelin answered: 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) by Matt Redman & After All (Holy) by David Crowder Band. <3 your blog, hope you like them!
  38. christyishannah answered: running by hillsong. :)
  39. alex-batista-brazil answered: Well theirs alot. Hillsong is a great band you should check them out. Here are some..