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God loves you! God loves you so much! He really does! You are not alone! He understands you and gave Himself to you in Jesus Christ.

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hi! i was wondering if you could post maybe a revelation or something like that in relation to celebrity idolisation. i know that a lot of teenage girls can become insanely obsessed with celebrities and i just want to be able to see God's take on that. do you have any scriptures? thanks! xx

Hello there, beloved.

First, let us remind ourselves that because of the Finished Work of Christ on the cross, salvation comes through faith, by grace, and not by our works. God sees us the ways He sees Christ, when we accepted Him. We live by faith, and not by sight. We are blessed not because of what we do, but because of Jesus. In the blood of Jesus, we get what we do NOT deserve, and what we did NOT earn.

I think it goes the same way for all those people who ‘idolize’ celebrities. God still loves them UNCONDITIONALLY. In Christ, God still accepts them. However, does this mean that we’re free to do what we want? NO. But I believe that nobody who has accepted the love of Christ will ever want to find satisfaction in the world. Our not being the same again comes, not by our own efforts, but by the grace and work of God.

For a person who has accepted Christ, transformation is a process. Time will come when we’ll just get tired of what this world offers. The same has gone for me. :) It didn’t come instantly, but it did come.

You are blessed, loved and favored!!!

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