First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • doseofdavis - I checked his blog and I think it’s motivational— a source for really good stuff. ^^ I liked what he said here: My goal is reach out for God to gay teens who are outcast by the church because of their orientation.
  • superfyzmr101 - I think her blog is full of hope. It’s bright, and cheerful. Haha! She’s sixteen and a Filipina. ^^
  • besthing4ever - Her blog is sweet. :D And she has a cool advice blog. You can view it also here: It’s motivating. 
  • lemmeeatblueberries - She’s a DIRECTIONER. Her blog is super relatable. :D
  • followinghim - It’s run by two amazing Christian girls. They share their story and testimonies here. ^^ I like this blog. So much. They might not reblog much, but there’s so much to learn from what God reveals to them.
  • phenomenalrhythm - A Christian blogger. Jarrhey is a good friend of mine. :) Really, really, really passionate for Christ.
  • will-be-strong-enough - Filipino. ^^ This blog is super relatable too!! And I think the owner of this page is nice. :’>
  • anchealbuiosipuobrillare - She’s Italian!!! ♥ And her blog is relatable too. ^^
  • myohsohotfriend - Another relatable blog. ^^ I like the pictures of food the most, though. Hahaha! :D
  • tidibiricon - A Christian and inpiring blogger. You’ll find stuff about God here. I like this: ” I am a WORSHIPER not a PERFORMER. A Friend. ”
  • iknowyourethere - Another Christian blogger!!! ^^ Her page is inspiring. Gotta love her passion for God. Really.
  • she-isthesea - She’s nice. ^^ And I think we both like Shakespeare!!!! \m/ Anyway, I like her playlist, and the stuff in her blog. :D 
  • jesusismylife4ever - Christian, artists, FOOD, photography, relatable stuff. :D She has awesome taste. ;D
  • joshmaldito - Kuya Josh! He’s a whiz in editing photos!! ^^ I admire his blog entries, and passion in expressing himself.
  • myimpressivebeam - Dennice! She’s awesome, sweet, cute, and charming. I like talking to this girl. She has so many ideas. Haha. You should check out her blog if you’re a Filipino. ^^ She’s like a younger sister to me. 

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