Hello! Can you please pray for me? I'm a recent college graduate and am feeling discouraged in my job search so far :/ I'm currently filling out lots of applications, please pray that I remain expectant, faithful, and that I land a great job with these apps!! Thank you :)


Praying for you, beloved! You are favored and blessed by Jesus Christ. I am sure that He will land you in a job not only for the sake of it being a source of income, but also a pedestal in shining His light and love to more people! You’re greatly blessed!

Thankyou for replying, Pam! :) I am the one who wants to write like you. My name's Cha. :) I already created a wordpress account. But I don't know how to start writing. :( I know you can help. Thankyou and God bless you!! :)


Hello, Cha! I’m so happy that you have a blog! Can you share the url to me when you’re ‘settled’? I love reading other people’s posts because they always encourage me. Haha. :)

Anyway, to start writing… write. I used to only write short stories and poems since grade school, but when I had this relationship with Christ, I also started writing down my prayers and everything that comes to my head. Don’t let your own words discourage you— just keep on writing and writing, and then it will be one of the most natural things to do in the world. When God teaches you something and you were able to write it, post it on your blog. I believe that God will use your words to speak to someone who needs it. It’s true for all of us who are in here. It doesn’t matter what style you have, God can use it. Just trust Him.

I hope that God fills your mind with thoughts about Him and His love for you. I hope that you also grow in intimacy with Him through writing. Also, I hope that you realize that you are a writer who is very much yourself. You have your own voice and style, and that is beautiful. :) You’re greatly blessed, Cha!

Where are you from? :)


Ah, Philippines, beloved. :) You’re greatly blessed!

I am a tree
flourishing in
the wide open spaces of His grace.

The strong winds will come
and the seasons will change
but my Gardener knows
that because of His strength
I will go on.

I am His tree
and He put me in here
that I may grow.
Deeper and deeper
my roots will go,
and up, up, up,
out my branches reach.

Leaves kissed by the sun,
even dancing in the wind,
making music of praises,
celebrating my life and existence.

My hope remains
that the sight of me
here in these fields
would only reveal
how my Father’s grace,
goodness and faithfulness,
makes everything possible.

He nursed a sapling like me
into a flourishing tree,
a testimony of second chances,
a vessel of His strength,
a life story
of amazing grace.

Pam Carbungco, I am a tree

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Hi po! :) ate, try to listen Wake by Hillsong Young And Free. Idk if you already know this na. ^-^v just sharing tho.


At break of day, in hope we rise

we speak Your name, we lift our eyes

tune our hearts into Your beat

where we walk, there You’ll be

*jumps up and down, dances then turns around*

This song’s been my jam since the start of this year! It’s really great! ♥

Today, I am filled with the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ. I am covered in His magnificent blood. His light radiates from me. Whatever I may face now, I am guarded with the truth. I am planted in the Solid Rock who assures me fully that my standing in my King Jesus Christ is always loved, blessed, favored, and victorious.

Pam Carbungco, Today

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I have a great Christ for my need.

(Source: godsradicaldaughter)

I need to send out a message asking for prayers for the brother of my priest who passed away suddenly. His name is John. Thank you for keeping up this blog!


I’m praying for your friend John, beloved. I speak comfort and peace for him and his family.

You’re greatly blessed!

Heyy there. So, how many people gets to run this blog, exactly?


Eh? Just one, beloved. Me. :) I wonder though what made you ask this. Haha. You’re greatly blessed! :)