Are there certain questions/topics you stay away from?

@AnonymousWell, so far I’ve avoided leading questions asked to me about homosexuality. And lately there are people asking me about my lovelife which makes me uncomfortable. HAHA. That is it I guess

Hey I had a question about heaven and hell that I was hoping you could help me with.


I think I have answered it, beloved—slightly. It is not that good but I will improve on it later. It is hard to type in a phone. Haha. You’re greatly blessed!

God is indeed good! He helped me. Surely, He never leaves us. Wooh! I'm so so happy today because I can go back to school. After 2 months of suffering and finding someone to finance my needs, He gave me a source and...tada! I am jumping for joy!!!


Ahh! This is great news! Thanks for sharing this, beloved! God is indeed faithful! You’re greatly blessed! Have fun at school!

Hey. I have a question regarding heaven and hell. If the bible says that sinners go to hell and we're all sinners, do we all go to hell? I know that those who accept Christ as their Lord and savior are saved but I still have an unclear understanding


Hello, beloved! Yes, we are all sinners but Christ paid the penalty for all of our sins. We have been redeemed, forgiven, set free and ransomed by Him. It’s all because of grace.

However, God, because He loves us, will not force into us this gift. He allows us a choice to accept Him in faith or not. Those who choose to accept Christ and believe are saved, beloved. (You can read more by clicking the ‘This is for you’ link at the side of my blog.)

I know that this is not too comprehensive. But I’ll add more into this once I log in my laptop. Hope you can wait. :) You’re greatly blessed!

Help me :(


How, beloved?

hey there, I really like your blog! I've been struggling with my body image for quite some time now and even though I've lost some weight, I am still very insecure and unhappy with the way I look. I know Christ tells us that we are made uniquely and in the image of Christ but sometimes, my insecurities of the way I look really bug me sometimes )":


Look to Christ and believe in Him, beloved. Really believe in what He says to you about how you are fearfully and wonderfully made, how you are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and how you are so special and unique. He is our Healer— even of our fears and insecurities. Everyday, beloved, remind yourself that God gave you this body, you are beautiful, and you are loved. You can be confident about yourself because Christ is with you.

Heeeey beloved. We’re in the same situation, too. Ü But, see, we also have to trust Jesus about appreciating ourselves. Let God show you how beautiful you are, not just because of your outward appearance but also because of the things that you can do- your smile, your wit, your compassion, and many other wonderful things! :>

What denomination do you study under


Huhu. Can you please enlighten me about what you mean, beloved? >__

Desperate for prayer: i have a knee injury that is holding me back in my cross country training. I need prayer for healing but more importantly faith in the Lord and his timing. thank you


Praying for you right now, beloved! I speak healing and strength in your knee right now in Jesus’ name! He who is seated on the throne right now is your healer. Believe in Him, beloved. You’re greatly blessed!

pam? you online?


Yup, beloved. I’m only using my phone though. ^__^

Please pray for my older sister, younger brother, my aunt and my grandma for their healing and fast recovery and strength. and please pray for me to have strong and deeper relationship with God. Thank you!


Praying, beloved! I speak healing and strength over your family in Christ’s name.

Also, fix your eyes on Jesus and trust Him. Allow Him to reveal Himself to you more and more. I believe that God wants to be in a deeper relationship with you as you do. :) You’re greatly blessed!