Repeat after me: In Christ, I’ll conquer this day. In Christ, I’ll conquer this week. I am blessed, loved, and favored; my strength comes from Him. Jesus is my victory.

(Source: godsradicaldaughter)


(Source: godsradicaldaughter)

I’ll point to myself, do you know why I’ve followed the Lord through tough times and some considerable physical danger? Because in my past I’ve found myself all the way at the bottom of life, with nothing left to live for, nobody I could rely on, and without hope, and at that point, sitting at the bottom of that deep, dark pit, I realized that God was not waiting for me on a mountain somewhere, He wasn’t at the top of the pit telling me to climb out, He was down in the pit with me…

The truth is that I found love, just when I needed it the most, and it changed everything. And I’m no fool to dedicate so much of myself to the one who has already given me more than I can ever repay. Each day with my Father gets sweeter and sweeter. I’m being renewed and improved. I have access to an infinite supply of hope, peace, and joy.

It’s a relationship, it’s an affair of the heart, so share it that way.

Unka Glen, from this post

We tend to doubt or turn our faces away from God’s plans and wisdom for our lives because, somewhere in the back of our minds, we think we know better than Him. We have this outline about how our lives should go, how things have to be done. We are not satisfied with the security He offers (because we don’t really see it as it is, distracted we are by what we think we need to be secure) and therefore make decisions to carry out plans we believe will secure ourselves.

But we do not realize that we have to trust Him. With our whole lives. Not just for today, but also for every day, hour, minute, and second after this. Because He is faithful. Because it is true that ‘God’s got us.’ We don’t need to know what the next step will be after we take that step He invites us to take. Just know that it will be what is best, not merely because it is what it is, but because God says it is.

Pam Carbungco, Plans

(Source: godsradicaldaughter)

God means everything that He says.

He really is who He tells you He is. Because He tells you that He is your Father, you can come and talk to Him as a child to his/her Father. He says He is your Provider; believe that. He says He is your comforter; you can look to Him in your lowest points. 

He can do what He says to you He can. He says He’ll see you through the valley; trust that He will. He says He will never abandon nor forsake you; He won’t. Count on Him always being there. He says He will finish the good work that He started in you; He’s doing that.

God is God, beloved. He is not like any human being. He definitely knows what He says and means what He means. His words have power, and He uses them to draw us to Him. His words are beautiful, and we bask in them. They are not meant to be memorized or printed in pretty typeface to be hung on our walls. They are meant to be a part of us, as we go in this life. They are meant to assure us, to empower us, to affirm us as His children, whom He has never forgotten. 

(Source: godsradicaldaughter)

Hi Pam! I tried to share my story (or should I say a problem) here, however, the character limit isn't enough. You are the first person that came into my mind when I badly needed some enlightenment for my problem, and so I really wish to send you an email where I can tell my story and maybe get some advice from you. I am really so sorry to take some of your time, my problem is quite big. But I really think that you've got to say something about this, something that could enlighten me.


Hello, beloved! You can contact me at I’ll be waiting for your email! :) You’re greatly blessed!

An anon once asked a question about why God punishes us if he loves us so much. And you responded with an article about a man telling his son to put his book away because it was bed time. The point of the story is that God has faith in us. Do you still have the link to that article, though? I'd like to show my friends! :)


The article’s title is ‘God Believes in You!’ by Paul Ellis, beloved; you can find it here. You’re greatly blessed! 


Isaiah 40:26-27 

I just wanted to illustrate this, because it hit home to me this morning during my quiet time. Beloved, if God takes care of the stars, and makes sure that they’re in order, how much more does He make efforts to care for us, who are His children? Sometimes we think that God doesn’t know what we’re going through, or He doesn’t care, but whenever that happens, just look up the sky. If you know that the stars haven’t started falling, and the sun hasn’t stopped shining, then you can be confident that God is still for you, and He loves you.

He loves you more than stars or any other thing that He created. He sent His Son to die for you, beloved. He does know you’re troubles, and He does know what you need. You can trust Him. He loves you and cares for you more than you know and think. Let’s not doubt the One who keeps the Universe in order, and promises to always be there for us.

Beloved, you’re more valuable and precious than the stars, the flowers, and the birds. Always remember that. God will never, ever neglect you.


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